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Why do we offer appointments? Simple, we don't want to waste your time. Walk-ins are welcome but appointments help us prevent overcrowding, and save you time by keeping lines short.

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Firearm Purchase

Come take a look at what guns we have in-stock, and use this opportunity to speak with a knowledgeable professional about different gun options.

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Ammo or Accessory Purchase

Looking for ammo, magazines, gun cases, a holster, or something else? Come take a look at our wide selection.
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Other Appointments

You can also schedule FOID & CCL application assistance or private instruction appointments, plus sign up for any training class.
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Rental Firearms

Shooting Range
Check out our indoor shooting ranges! Both our Pistol and Rifle ranges are 75 ft in length, with 9 lanes each. You can shoot both pistols & rifles on the rifle range!
Training Classes
Whether you are an experienced shooter, or completely new to the shooting sports we can help get you to the point where you feel confident and comfortable with firearms.
How to Buy a Gun
Buying a firearm in Illinois can be a complicated and confusing task. But we can help you navigate through all the license applications, forms, and legal requirements right here!
Gun Rentals
No gun? No problem! We rent pistols, rifles, shotguns and you can choose from almost 100 different models from all the most popular manufacturers.
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Private Instruction

One-on-one appointments


Private Instruction FAQ's

No! Private instruction is available for anyone over 18 with a valid driver's license or state ID

  • How to safely shoot pistols, revolvers, rifles, and/or shotguns
  • what gun is really the right one for you, before you buy
  •  care and cleaning of firearms
  • concealed carry preparation
  • defensive gun considerations

It's really up to you!

$50 (1 PERSON) | $60 (2 PEOPLE) | $70 (3 PEOPLE) / PER HOUR +

This includes your range reservation, and instructor fee.


You can select these options to be added to your cart when you sign up, if you are not providing your own, except ammo because that must be purchased at the time of your appointment and pricing varies by caliber

Right here on our website!

Signing up & rescheduling is easy with us 👍

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