We Will Get You on the Range in 15 minutes, Or Your Next Visit is Free!

  Reservation and on time check-in required for guarantee. 
  The range is available by reservation and for walk-ins, but walk-ins may experience a long wait time.
◙  Range lanes are limited to 3 people per lane.
◙  Rental hearing protection will NOT be available, however plugs and muffs will be available for purchase. 

Please Review Before Scheduling

The person who made the reservation will need to be present in order to be assigned a lane.

Please keep in mind that the reservation just allows you to skip the line for walk-ins, and ensures a lane is ready for you at your desired time. This does NOT include your range fee(s), targets, ear/eye protection, or use of gun rentals unless you have added those options to your cart. Reservations DO NOT include instruction.

If you reserve more than one lane when signing up we will do our best to group those lanes together at the time of your reservation. Due to the nature of our business though we cannot guarantee you lanes near each other.

Range Reservations provide you the ability to select up to 30 days in advance a specific date and time you would like us to have up to 9 range lanes ready for you. 

There are a limited number of times available for reservations each day, and a maximum of 3 people per lane.

You can cancel your reservation scheduled time by clicking the "Change/Cancel Reservation" link sent to you in your confirmation email. This will not refund your order but will notify us you will not be arriving

Range reservations are non-refundable but you can reschedule your reservation before your scheduled time by clicking the "Change/Cancel Reservation" link sent to you in your confirmation email. There you can select whatever date and time will work better for you

📞 Give us a call

That's okay, we understand. Things happen, but due to the nature of our busy business we need to keep the line moving. We will automatically hold your lane reservation(s) for you for up to 10 minutes after your scheduled time. If you do not notify us you are going to be late, after ten minutes, we will assign your lane(s) to the next person. If you were unable to notify us, but arrive within the hour, we will put you at the head of the line for the next available lane(s). 

As long as you let us know you are going to be late before your scheduled reservation time we will try to have a lane ready for you when you think you will be here. We promise we want to get you out onto the range and shooting 🎯

Want to shoot for a full hour, or a half hour?