Buying a gun online, or from someone who lives in another state?

Then you will need to have it FFL transferred in order to take it home. But what is a FFL dealer transfer? FFL stands for Federal Firearms Licensee, so simply put a FFL transfer is the change in possession of a firearm from one FFL to another FFL. Since the Gun Control Act of 1968 all firearms that are sold interstate (across state lines) must be transferred using a Federal Firearms Licensee.

Person to Person Transfers 

Effective July 1, 2023 the State of Illinois has changed the person-to-person transfer procedure to disable the ISP reporting Portal.  If you wish to conduct a person-to-person transfer,  Maxon’s will facilitate such transfers as it always has with the following procedure:

  • The firearm seller must bring their valid FOID card, the firearm, and the buyer (who also must have a valid FOID) to Maxon
  • The buyer will fill out the required Federal Form 4473 and be subjected to a background check
  • The transfer fee of $105 can be paid by either the buyer or seller ($95 transfer fee, $10 background check fee)
  • Maxon will receive the firearm and hold it for the required 72 hours (Maxon will not release firearms without a background check approval number from the Illinois State Police)
  • Once 72 hours has passed and an approval number is received, Maxon will release the firearm to the buyer 

Maxon will not accept or store person-to-person bills of sale for customers.

Let Us Make the Process Simple and Easy For You 👌

What Do We Charge?


per firearm being
transferred in

Plus $10 for your background check.

FFL Transfer Procedure

  1. Contact us first to make sure we can process your transfer by filling out the form below.
  2. After you get an approval email from us you can make your online firearm purchase, or arrange payment to ship your firearm with the transferring FFL dealer.
  3. Make an appointment through the approval email you received from us to come to the store and fill out required paperwork and pay your transfer fee (be sure to bring with you complete info about the firearm, and contact info for the transferring FFL dealer that will be shipping your firearm).
  4. We will then contact the transferring FFL dealer to send them a copy of our license, and arrange shipment of your firearm.
  5. when your firearm arrives here we will contact you for pick up, and then you take it home!