We offer Concealed Carry Classes on Weekdays & Weekends

If you are looking to get your Illinois CCL there are a few different ways you can go about it. Click the dropdowns below for more info

Concealed Carry Class Options

If you feel confident you are ready to carry a loaded firearm we suggest you sign up for our 16 hr CCL Class that satisfies the state training requirement to apply for your Illinois Concealed Carry License.

If you are interested in getting your CCL, but don't feel you have had enough hands-on firearms training, then this is probably your best route. In our 5 hr Basic 1 Class you learn about gun safety, firearm parts & operation, ammunition, and most importantly how to shoot safely and accurately. In our 3 hr Basic 2 Class you learn more about compact guns, holsters, defensive ammo (hollow points), how and where (on body) to carry a concealed pistol, and how to properly clean firearms. These two classes combined equal 8 hours, and then qualify you to take the condensed 8 hr CCL Class which will satisfy the state training requirement to apply for your Illinois Concealed Carry License. 

This 8 hr CCL class is for you if you have already satisfied the first 8 hr requirement for IL Concealed Carry. So you must have taken our Basic Pistol 1 & Basic Pistol 2 Classes, or if you are current or former U.S. military provide us a DD214 or active duty military ID. 

This 3 hr CCL class is for you if you already possess a concealed carry license and you are up for renewal after 5 years. You can take this class anytime,  but you cannot apply for renewal until 90 days before your license expires.

Why should you train with us?

We have modern brightly lit and well-equipped classrooms and ranges. We are a full service gun shop meaning we have all the ammo, accessories, and repair services you might need.
Our instructors are knowledgeable professionals with a deep understanding of firearms laws and legal requirements. Just check out our reviews to see what others think!
We value your time. You can sign up and reschedule training classes online and you don’t have to go to two separate locations for class and the qualification shoot.
We use only the finest training materials including USCCA course materials, SIRT Training pistols, large-screen TV’s and offer a wide selection of rental guns.