Basic Pistol Classes:
Are you new to shooting? But want to eventually get your Concealed Carry License too?

If you are interested in getting your CCL, but don't feel you have had enough hands on firearms training, then this is probably your best route. In our 5 hr Basic 1 Class you learn about gun safety, firearm parts & operation, ammunition, and most importantly how to shoot safely and accurately. In our 3 hr Basic 2 Class you learn more about compact guns, holsters, defensive ammo (hollow points), how and where (on body) to carry a concealed pistol, and how to properly clean firearms. These two classes combined equal 8 hours, and then qualify you to take the condensed 8 hr CCL Class which will satisfy the state training requirement to apply for your Illinois Concealed Carry License .

These Classes Cover

pistol icon

Gun Safety

How to keep yourself and others safe when handling firearms

revolver icon

Revolvers + Semi-Autos

Parts and operation

ammunition icon


Calibers and types of ammunition available today

firearm transport icon

Gun Transport

How to safely and legally transport firearms & ammo

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How to Shoot

A review of the basic marksmanship techniques.

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Carry Options

An intro to subcompact firearms & holster choices.

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Gun Care

Cleaning and maintenance of both revolvers and semi-autos.

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Hollow Points

An in-depth discussion of self-defense ammunition.

A FOID card is NOT required

$150 & $135

Your range fee, hearing/eye protection, targets, classroom materials, gun rentals, and ammo are all included in the cost!

basic pistol training in the range maxon shooters


  1. You must be over 18, or with a parent/legal guardian if you are 15-17 years of age.
  2. You must have a valid FOID, state ID, or driver's license with you


Hours Long Together


Hours on the Range


Rental Guns to Try

Defensive Pistol Classes:
Holster Skills

One of the most important skills to master after getting your CCL is how to effectively and efficiently draw and fire your pistol from the holster. We have divided our holster skills classes into three levels. Level 1 focuses on practicing a proper draw from multiple holster types with training guns. Level 2 focuses primarily on drawing and firing from a hip holster. Level 3 takes all this to the next level and focuses mostly on appendix carry factors. 

These Classes Cover

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Understanding the mechanics of a proper draw and re-holster

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Loading and Unloading

Proper Handling of loading and unloading guns

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Carry Options

 Holsters, belts and gear choices and set up

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Holster Placement

Advantages and disadvantages of holster placement

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Proper draw and re-holster motions.

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Concealed Garment

Proper use of concealment garments

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Response to Stress

Psychological and physiological responses to stress

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Timed Stages

Timed stages of fire from the draw

A CCL card IS required

$90, $125 & $155

Your range fee, hearing/eye protection, targets, classroom materials, demo holsters, are all included in the cost!

holster skills level 3 appendix carry


  1. You must have a valid IL concealed carry permit
  2. All students must wear pants or shorts with belt loops and a belt
  3. Quality firearm and holster (either inside or outside the waistband) with 2 extra magazines
  4. All students must bring their own ammunition, or purchase from Maxon before class
  5. You must bring your own concealment garment


Hours Long Together


Hours on the Range


Rounds of Ammo

Why should you train with us?

We have modern, brightly lit, and well-equipped classrooms & ranges. We are a full service gun shop meaning we have all the ammo, accessories, and repair services you might need.
Our instructors are patient, experienced, & knowledgeable professionals with a deep understanding of firearms. Get answers to your questions from an informed source!
We value your time. You can sign up and reschedule training classes online, and all of our amenities are in just one location!

We use only the finest training materials including SIRT training pistols, a wide selection of rental firearms, and large screen TV's in a comfortable classroom.