Our rifle training classes are mostly designed around the AR-15 platform.

We offer two levels of AR-15 training to thoroughly familiarize you with the rifle's capabilities. You can bring your own AR to class, or rent one if you want to. If you were looking for a particular type of rifle training we also offer private instruction. That way, you can bring, or rent, whatever rifle you want and learn with that particular model.

AR-15 Training 1

AR-15 Training 2

Private Instruction

Why should you train with us?

We have modern, brightly lit, and well-equipped classrooms & ranges. We are a full service gun shop meaning we have all the ammo, accessories, and repair services you might need.
Our instructors are patient, experienced, & knowledgeable professionals with a deep understanding of firearms. Get answers to your questions from an informed source!
We value your time. You can sign up and reschedule training classes online, and all of our amenities are in just one location!

We use only the finest training materials including SIRT training pistols, a wide selection of rental firearms, and large screen TV's in a comfortable classroom.