Learn in depth info to challenge and build your skills with the AR-15 semi-automatic rifle platform.

If the AR rifle is a new adventure for you then our AR-15 Training Level 1 class is the place to start. This class is for those that have already completed our AR-15 Level 1 class and want to further build their rifle shooting skills, and increase their speed and accuracy.

This Class Covers

multiple targets icon

Engaging Multiple Targets

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Maneuvering with the Rifle while Engaging Targets

rifle sling icon

Using Your Sling Effectively

faster target shooting

Faster Target Acquisition & Identification

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Shooting from Behind Cover

marksmanship icon

Accuracy and Precision Shooting

A FOID card IS required


Your range fee and targets are included in the cost.

rifle training in the classroom at maxon shooters


  1. You must be over 18
  2. You must have a valid FOID, state ID, or driver's license with you
  3. Eye and ear protection
  4. A reliable semi-auto rifle with a sling (AR-15 platform, pistol caliber carbine, Tavor, PS90, M1A, FAL are all acceptable platforms)
  5. 200 rounds of ammunition (which you can purchase before class, but you MUST be early because the registers close at 6pm and class WILL start on time)


Hours Long Total


Hours on the Range


Students Max

Why should you train with us?

We have modern, brightly lit, and well-equipped classrooms & ranges. We are a full service gun shop meaning we have all the ammo, accessories, and repair services you might need.
Our instructors are patient, experienced, & knowledgeable professionals with a deep understanding of firearms. Get answers to your questions from an informed source!
We value your time. You can sign up and reschedule training classes online, and all of our amenities are in just one location!

We use only the finest training materials including SIRT training pistols, a wide selection of rental firearms, and large screen TV's in a comfortable classroom.

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All training classes are non-refundable, but may be re-scheduled once with at least 72 hours notice.

Failure to show, or less than 3 days notice given of inability to attend, will result in a 25% rescheduling fee.

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