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Can Maxon Buy Your Banned Gun?

Can Maxon Buy Your Banned Gun?

It is probably safe to say many (most?) gun owners in Illinois do NOT wish to register their lawfully owned firearms with the state. We have been asked if we will help with registration and purchase, or sell via consignment, any firearms covered by the Illinois "Assault Weapon" Ban (PICA) and the answer in most cases now is: "Yes, but..."

Try to wait to register or sell if you can (at least for now): 

There are multiple challenges underway in all levels of Federal court as well as in the State courts, all aimed at staying (delaying) enforcement of the Registry pending the outcome of gun rights groups' lawsuits against the state. Specifically, our amended complaint:

  • has been filed
  • the state has responded
  • oral hearings are scheduled for the 12th of December, and
  • Judge McGlynn has implied that he will have a decision on our Motion for Preliminary Injunction before Christmas.

So there may really be no gain in acting right now - we suggest it's better to wait and see how this plays out. If December 31st is getting near with no likely relief, then you'll have some decisions to make.

Things to Consider If Selling:

  1. We can buy only for sale out-of-state, which is more costly (shipping, insurance, listing fees on auction sites, etc).
  2. Being that we will only be able to sell these firearms out of state in online auctions pricing will have to be very competitive with national online markets. Unfortunately these factors decrease your return on the sale or consignment.
  3. As soon as you place your firearm(s) on consignment with us, we cannot return it to you as long as the AWB is in effect. Should you change your mind, we would unfortunately be legally unable to transfer it back to you.

If You Decide to Sell or Consign with Us:

  • Please fill out the form here to confirm the model of firearm you are looking to sell is one we are willing and able to purchase.
  • Once we get back to you to confirm we will schedule an appointment date and time that works best for you to come in.
  • We do NOT give out price quotes by email or over the phone.
  • ALL firearms must be brought to the shop, unloaded and in a case, for evaluation and appraisal.

If You Decide to Register:

We are offering assistance with the online disclosure forms and submittal to your FOID card account online at We do suggest you wait as legislative relief is possible soon, but we understand if you are uncomfortable with that. You can make an appointment here

How You Can Help Us Continue to Fight This?

Please support our efforts if you are able. Thank you.