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SB1966: The "FUBAR FOID Act" Passes 62-52

"Fix the FOID" or, as we now refer to it, the "FUBAR FOID Act" passed out of the House today on a 62-52 vote, and that was with 8 democrats voting NO. With 5,095 witness slips submitted as OPPONENTS, and 772 submitted as PROPONENTS for SB1966(House Amendment 3) this was clearly a vote passed completely disregarding the public will. We want to thank everyone who took the time to fill out witness slips opposing this bill though, we made our voices clear but they were simply ignored.

Strong arguments against the act were made regarding:

  • Massive increase in costs
  • Fingerprinting non-criminals
  • Attacking the law-abiding, and NOT criminals

Unfortunately though this was to no avail. So now it's back to the Senate for concurrence. If it passes there, on to the Governor's desk for signature.

We'll have more information of what this means to you as an Illinois gun owner coming soon so stay tuned.