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Gov. Rauner Vetoes Dealer Licensing. What happens next?

The Governor has vetoed the bill and will transmit the veto message to the Senate. The Senate will read it in either today or  tomorrow. They then have 15 calendar days to deal with the veto.  Possible outcomes in the Senate:
  • They could not take it up and let it stand. SB-1657 is then dead.
  • They could take it up and it passes which means it goes to the House for another vote. the bill goes to the house but is not read until the next legislative day in the house.  Then a new 15 day clock begins.  So the house would read the message when they return on April 9 and then have 15 calendar days to act.  If the House fails to override, the bill is dead. If it passes it becomes law.
  • They could wait and comeback within the 15 days on a special session to deal with the bill after trying to round up the votes to override the veto.
  • They could fail to override and it dies right their.
That doesn't mean the issue is dead for session. They could try and resurrect another bill with some changes and go through the whole process all over again, and we are back to square one.
With other gun votes possible this week in the Senate, as early as  tomorrow, we need calls coming in ASAP urging senators to vote NO on any override attempt, in addition to any other gun votes that may come up. Contact Your Senator