Posted news of Springfield’s new 911 .380 a while back was welcomed with a lot of “so what” comments. Frankly, I was right there with you. I’ve shot the other pocket gun .380 “1911” pistols that have been around for many years, and it looked like this Springfield brought nothing new to the table.

But I was wrong . . .



IF this 911 .380 runs reliably — and TTAG will find out by putting 1,000 rounds of mixed ammo through one — it’s better than its peers. It has a better trigger, better sights, a bigger trigger guard, and a better, more usable and properly-positioned safety.

It also shoots as softly, flatly, and accurately as can be.

shooting springfield 911

Look, my job here is truthful gun reviews. Other folks man the political desk. We’ll all give you the ammunition you need to make an informed decision, but we won’t make that decision for you.

sprinfield armory 911 in hand

This is a new gun and, as per my edict, I’m going to cover it and we’re going to review it.

Honestly and fairly.

And, so far, whether it’s an uncomfortable truth for some of y’all or not, the truth is that the Springfield Armory 911 .380 appears to be a fantastic little firearm.

springfield 911 cocked

Tritium night sights with white dots in the rear and a bright green outline around the front lamp.

springfield 911 right side view

Nice checkering on the front- and back-strap of the 7075 aluminum frame. Note the enlarged trigger guard.

springfield 911 loaded magazine

The 911 .380 ships with a flush-fitting 6-round magazine as well as a 7-rounder with pinky extension.

springfield 911 380acp

The 911 (pronounced “nine-one-one”) weighs in at 12.6 ounces, is 3.9 inches tall, and is 5.5 inches long.

MSRP is $599 in either nitrided black or brushed stainless slides.

springfield armory trp 10mm operator

Over to the TRP 10mm Operator

It’s available with either 5-inch or 6-inch barrel. I shot the 6-inch version and enjoyed it but wasn’t enthralled by it. The “SA Gen 2 Speed Trigger” was very nice for a production gun, and I liked the target sights; especially as they’re Tritium night sights but the rear is still fully adjustable.

springfield 10mm

Other than that, it’s mostly the 10mm Auto chambering and the accessory rail that made it stand out for me.

At an MSRP of $1,790 for the 5″ and $1,842 for the 6″, it has some real competition on the market.

springfield 10mm operator slide rack

The TRP 10mm does rock a bull barrel, helping to put weight out over the muzzle.

springfield trp operator grips

And the frame texturing (Octo-Grip™) was both grippy and comfortable, while the G10 grip panels were fairly aggressive.

While the TRP 10mm is undoubtedly a cool gun, the lilliputian 911 .380 stole the Springfield show for me. But not until I fired it, at which point my interest level jumped from a 1 to a 10.