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Did The NSSF Hire H&K's Photographer? | SHOT Business Cover Photo Fail

This is the latest cover of SHOT Business from the NSSF

shotbusiness magazine


Do you see anything wrong with this photo?

The magazine with this jarring cover shot arrived today.  See the problem?  This is the exact WRONG way to grip a semi-automatic pistol. The reason for this is called "slide bite."  Is this as bad a photography fail as Heckler & Koch? Tell us what you think.

"When helping a woman select a handgun for personal defense, be a consultant, not a salesman."

Agreed, and make sure your customers don't do this, too.

If you're doing it like this, you're going to get an owie. But we can help!
You can also click here for a few quick pointers on how to properly grip a pistol in a short video from Maxon!