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New Classes for Comprehensive Firearms Education

Maxon is making a big investment in education for our customers with a huge expansion of the catalog of classes; we've added a 16 hour Illinois CCW,  a number of intermediate and specialty shooting classes, and some important related CPR and Emergency Trauma Care classes.

Our instructors are experts in their fields, with many decades of real-world experience.  Our curriculum is drawn from that experience and our years of delivering high-quality firearms education here.  As always, you can sign-up online via the links below or on our Calendar.


Maxon Illinois Concealed Carry

Maxon’s 16 hour IL concealed carry course satisfies the IL state requirement to apply for your IL concealed carry permit. The first 8 hours covers basics of firearm safety, operations, and maintenance.

The second 8 hour segment covers IL law with regard to concealed carry and gives in-depth information regarding traveling with a firearm and prohibited places where you may not carry a firearm.  A 30 round qualification shoot will take place during the second 8 hour segment.

There are two class schedules to choose from:

  • 8 hours each on Saturday and Sunday
  • 4 hours (5pm - 9PM ) on consecutive Thursday evenings

In order to take this course you should already have basic knowledge and experience with firearms. You should be able to operate your firearm safely in both a classroom and range setting. Although it is not required by the State of IL, Maxon Concealed Carry instructors will ask that you shoot your qualification with the firearm you intend to carry in .380ACP/.38sp or higher caliber. Maxon concealed carry courses are kept to a maximum of 15 students.

You must have a valid FOID card to sign up for this course.

Cost: $250, including range fee and required B27 target for qualification shoot.

Application assistance is available for an additional $30

Fingerprinting is not included in the cost of the course

Ammunition and eye/ear protection are available for purchase.

The next weekend class is March 5 & 6

The next Thursday evening class starts  March 10.

Tickets are attached only to the first day's calendar entry and are good for the entire class.


Maxon Basic Pistol Safety II

This 3 hour class is the perfect next step after you’ve taken Maxon’s Basic Pistol Safety I. In this class we will cover a review of the basic marksmanship techniques, introduction to sub-compact firearms and holster choices and options for concealed carry. We will also cover cleaning and maintenance of both revolvers and semi-autos and an in-depth discussion of self-defense ammunition.  You will also get an opportunity to practice the Illinois Concealed Carry qualification requirements.  If taken within 6 months of Basic Pistol I, you will receive a certificate for the 8 hour NRA Basic Pistol class which will count towards for the first 8 hours of IL concealed carry requirements.  FOID card required.

Cost: $125, includes everything you need

Next class is Feb 20th


National Safety Council CPR certification

                An instructor from the National Safety Council will be teaching a CPR certification class at Maxon. This class is limited to 10 participants.  National Safety Council uses state of the art CPR dummies and other cool technology to make learning effective and fun. This is a 2-year certification.

Cost: $75, includes NSC book and certification

Next Class is Mar 19




Maxon Emergency Trauma Care

Do you know what to do when confronted with an emergency medical situation such as a gun shot wound, stabbing, explosion, or serious motor vehicle accident? This 4 hour class will cover basic trauma care including the proper use of a tourniquet.  Physical requirements for this class require that you be able to get down on the floor and back up without assistance. Warning: some graphic pictures of real life injuries will be used during the presentation of this class. Two North American Rescue trauma care kits per student are included with the cost of the class.

What we cover:

  • Anatomy and Physiology of major organs and vessels pertaining to immediate trauma care
  • Patient assessment
  • Situational considerations
  • MARCH system
  • Stages of care
  • Demonstrations and hands on practice of items in the provided kit
  • Final skills assessment

What you will need:

  • Good attitude and an open mind
  • Note taking paper and pen
  • Comfortable clothing


Cost: $200, includes 2 North American Rescue trauma care kits

Next Class is Mar 12


Maxon AR II Class

Looking for a more in depth class to challenge and build your skills with the semi-automatic rifle platform? This 2 hour class is for you. If the AR platform or semi-auto rifle is a new adventure for you then the AR I class is the place to start. (see Maxon calendar for class dates). You must have a FOID card and prior firearms training and be able to safety operate your rifle to take this class.

AR II Class Topics Covered:

  • A heavy focus will be placed on accuracy and precision shooting
  • Faster target acquisition and identification
  • Shooting from behind cover
  • Engaging multiple targets
  • Maneuvering with the rifle while engaging targets
  • Using your sling effectively

What you need:

  • A reliable semi-auto rifle with a sling (AR platform, pistol caliber carbine, Tavor, PS90, M1A, FAL are all acceptable platforms)
  • 200 rounds of factory new ammunition (100 rounds is included with the cost of the class) additional ammo can be purchased at Maxon
  • At least 2 magazines (magazine holster preferred but not required)
  • Eye/ear protection


Cost: $150, includes 100 rounds of .223/5.56 ammo

Next Class is Mar 25


Maxon Holster Skills I and II

Are you looking for the next step after Maxon Basic Pistol Safety II? Holster Skills I is the class for you. Topics Covered Include:

  • Belt/Holster choices
  • Holster placement options
  • Drawing from a strong side hip holster
  • Shooting from the draw
  • Shooting at multiple targets


Items you will need:

  • Reliable pistol or revolver (.38 sp/.380acp or higher)
  • Strong side hip holster with belt
  • At least 2 magazines with magazine holster
  • 150 rounds of factory ammunition (no reloads) – can be purchased at Maxon
  • Eye/ear protection


Cost is $150, 3 hour class.

Next Holster Skills I Class is Feb 27

The perfect follow-up to our Holster Skills I class is Holster Skills II. This 2.5 hour class covers the following:

  • Shooting exercises that emphasize critical thinking
  • A heavy focus on accuracy
  • Maneuvering with a pistol and engaging targets
  • Faster target acquisition and identification
  • Engaging multiple targets

You must have prior firearms training and a FOID card to take this class. You must be able to safety operate a pistol in both a classroom and range setting and you must be skilled in the use of your particular firearm and holster.

What you need:

  • Reliable pistol or revolver (.38sp/.380acp or higher caliber)
  • Strong side hip holster with belt
  • At least 2 magazines with magazine holder
  • 200 rounds of factory ammunition (no reloads) – can be purchased at Maxon
  • Eye/ear protection


Cost: $150

Next Holster Skills II class is Mar 26


Maxon Lowlight/Flashlight skills

            Most defensive uses of handguns happen in low-light conditions.  Are you ready?

Classroom Topics Covered Include:

  • Features of a good defensive flashlight
  • Flashlight considerations in and out of the home
  • Deploying a flashlight along with a pistol
  • Handheld vs. weapon-mounted pro’s and con’s
  • Discussion and demonstration of the main techniques
  • Classroom hands-on practice of all techniques

Range Topics Covered Include:

  • Practice and application of techniques
  • Maneuvering with a pistol and flashlight
  • Final Skills Assessment


Items you will need:

  • Reliable pistol or revolver (.38 spl/.380acp or higher)
  • Strong side hip holster with belt
  • At least 2 magazines (magazine holster optional)
  • 150 rounds of factory ammunition (no reloads) – can be purchased at Maxon
  • Eye/ear protection
  • Flashlight

Instructor Recommendations for Flashlight:

  • 200 – 500 Lumens
  • Rear-mounted activation button/switch

Available at Maxon’s:

These flashlights are 10% off for class participants.

INFORCE, 6vx, Flashlight, White LED, 300 lumens, Tailcap Switch, Belt Clip with Built-in Lanyard Hole, Scalloped Head Design, includes 2 Lithium 123A Batteries, Black Finish $94.99

Surefire, G2X Tactical Flashlight, Single-Output LED, 320 Lumens, Tactical Tailcap Click Switch, 2x CR123 Batteries, Black $59.99

            Cost is $75, 2.5 hour class.

Next Class is Feb 6


Maxon Shotgun Basics

Shotgun basics is the perfect class for those that need to hone their skills with a shotgun. Whether it is a defensive shotgun or a field gun, pump or semi-auto, we will get you the information you need.

In this 2 hour class we will cover:

  • Dis-assembly/Maintenance of pump and semi-auto shotguns
  • Loading and unloading
  • Pump vs. Semi-Auto
  • Ammunition choices
  • Barrel differences
  • Sight selection
  • Patterning a shotgun
  • Choke selection


What you need to take this class:

  • FOID card
  • Shotgun
  • 75 rounds of target load(bird shot) – 25 rounds included with the price of the class
  • 20 rounds of 00 Buckshot – can be purchased at Maxon
  • 10 rounds of slug – can be purchased at Maxon


Cost is $125, includes a 25 round box of shells, eye/ear rental, and targets


Next Class is Feb 13