Suppressor Vote Monday or Tuesday (1/9 or 10)

Thanks to all of our customers and friends who contacted their state Senators during the veto session last month.  While supporters of SB206 could not whip up enough votes to reach a 39 vote super-majority, we have another great opportunity to get suppressors in Illinois this coming week.

During the lame duck session (Jan 9 and 10), only a majority is required to move SB206 to the Governor for signature.

This is a very reachable goal.

However... we've heard this weekend that a few anti-gun senators are trying to strip some supporters off the bill to legalize suppressors.  We need your help to encourage wavering senate votes to be on the right side and support SB206. Don't let the only calls they get be from Bloomberg-funded gun control advocates.


Please call their Springfield offices on Monday or Tuesday in support of SB206.  Suppressors are supported by nearly every law enforcement agency statewide, they are a public health issue, and they simply are not used in crime.  Illinois is one of only a handful of states that does not permit suppressors, and it's time we joined the rest of the nation and legalize these hearing protection devices.

Your voices were heard in our last email blast.

Following your calls, Senator Laura Murphy reached out to Maxon Shooter's Supplies' owner and visited the shop along with her chief of staff.  We showed her how a lawful business, with law-abiding customers, operates.  She has not committed to support SB206, and we're certain another message to her Springfield office from Maxon customers would reinforce how many of us there are in her district.

These are local State Senators who need to hear from their constituents and anyone else who cares about suppressors.

Please call the Springfield Illinois offices on Monday and Tuesday.  We can win this thing!

Melinda Bush 31st District (Greyslake) (217) 782-7353
Toi Huthinson 40th District (Chicago Heights) (217) 782-7419
John Mulroe  10th District (Chicago) (217) 782-1035
Laura Murphy 28th District (Maxon Shooters) (217) 782-3875
Michael Nolan 22nd District (Elgin) (217) 782-7746
Tom Rooney 27th District (Palatine)  (217) 782-4471

Remember: You can find your state Senator here.  Even if they aren't listed above, it will be very helpful for them to hear from you.
Thanks for your continued support