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We have finished some MAJOR upgrades, come check them out!

The rifle range renovation is (mostly) complete!

There are some cosmetic details like re-surfacing the floor, which we will complete soon, but the range is up and running.

Here's what we did and why:

Customers using our range have told us we could do better with:

  • Width of the booths
  • Noise level in the range
  • Lighting in the range
  • Old, unreliable target carriers

What We've Done

In the rifle range the old concrete block stall dividers have been replaced with new Action Target Defender stalls. The stall walls are significantly narrower but even more ballistically solid. We have gone from ten lanes to nine, making the new stalls seven inches wider than before and allowing for a 3.75 foot ADA/Instruction lane. The Defender stalls have a lower table height with a tray for storage underneath, and the booth is back-lit with a fully dimmable LED light.

The entire ready area and first thirty feet of the range have been covered with 2" layer of PEPP acoustical sound material. We will all enjoy dramatically lower noise levels in the range and in the rest of the shop.

The old target carriers served us well for many years, but they have become unacceptably unreliable and lack some important features and conveniences that are now available. We chose Action Target's Pilot system because it has everything our customers want and nothing they don't:

  • The first 10 feet of the range has always been dark because of the safety ceiling above. Now with the Action Target Pilot System carriers, your target is illuminated from the carrier. No more dark areas.
  • The system is controlled from an in-booth touch screen with pre-set distances, or manually input distances, out to 75 feet.
  • Each target carrier has a live video display of your target, which you can see on your touch screen. No longer will you need to run your target in from 25 yards between shots to see how awesome you are - you can see your awesomeness right next to you on the screen!
  • Each touch screen has a ❔ button that alerts the RSO you need assistance. No longer will you need to leave the range if your firearm or our equipment malfunctions.
  • The new carriers are very fast, wireless, and have a strike detection system; resulting in a much more reliable installation. PLUS: target hangers are now included! No need to bring your own, or buy/rent one from us.

What's Yet to be Done

The pistol range will be retrofit with new Action Target booths and carriers, PEPP, and all the upgrades that we've made to the rifle range. Also both floors will be re-finished during that renovation. We are optimistic that the whole project will be done by late November or early December, and we will continue to keep at least one of the ranges operational throughout the project.

What We Didn't Do, and Why

We have not added A/C to the range. Our current range ventilation system works extremely well and provides a clean, warm, contaminate free shooting environment. We know it can get very warm in the summer though, so believe us when we say we would love to air condition the ranges. It really just isn't feasible though. At a cost of almost $1 million to decontaminate and scrap all of the old equipment, and purchase and install a new A/C ventilation system it simply doesn't make economic sense - especially for an upgrade that is really only useful for about 6 weeks of the year.

We are so excited to hear what everyone thinks of the new range!

So stop on in and check it out, then drop us a comment here to tell us your thoughts!