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Why We Don't Sell Biometric Safes Anymore

Why We Don't Sell Biometric Safes Anymore

The advancement of technology has spurred innovation in the firearms industry, with some developments aimed at enhancing safety for firearm owners. However, certain advancements have proven problematic. More than 120,000 biometric gun safes have been recalled due to faulty biometric systems that could allow unauthorized access.

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), Bulldog Cases, Machir, MouTec, and Awesafe are among the manufacturers affected by the recall. Reports of the safes opening when they shouldn't have prompted the recalls, citing the risk of injury or even death.

The specific models involved in the recalls are as follows:

  • Bulldog Cases recalled its Magnum Biometric Pistol Vault (BD4030B), Magnum Biometric Pistol Vault with Shelf (BD4040B), and Magnum Biometric Top Load Pistol Vault (BD4055B) due to flaws in their biometric security systems.

  • Machir reported 15 cases of unauthorized users opening their gun safes due to errors with the biometric safety system.

  • MouTec recalled its BBRKIN Biometric Gun Safe with model number QCJJ01 after reports of a 6-year-old being able to open the safe.

  • Awesafe recalled approximately 60,000 safes following 71 reported incidents of unauthorized users accessing the safes when the biometric lock failed. The affected safes fit pistols and have a completely black exterior with the brand name "Awesafe" printed on the front.


Neither Maxon Shooter's Supplies nor our customers have had a very good experience with biometric safes: they may not open when you need them to, and they may open when you don't want them to.  You should never have to worry that your secure storage and firearms will fail to perform. Perhaps in the future,  as technology advances, biometrics will be a fast, reliable solution, but right now, there are better choices.

Biometric safes are not reliable and here at Maxon we do not sell Biometric Safes. Our recommendation is Rhino Safes

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